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United Kingdom

Excess Water Problem

As COP26 ends and world leaders sign off on big picture promises, speakers from the city of Hull were among those having their say at the climate conference. One of several global cities deemed at severe risk from flooding, it was there to share the innovative measures its using in the hope of keeping its head above water.

“Aqua greens” — natural water traps — have been created across the city, slowing the flow of surface water during downpours and relieving pressure on drainage systems.

New housing developments will be told to follow a design guide including water butts to catch water from drainpipes, permeable paving for rainwater and gardens filled with vegetation to soak up rain.

The approach is similar to the “sponge city” concept that is being rolled out in several Chinese cities, where floods could become something residents embrace rather than fear.

Unwanted Help

I have more tips for them other than sustaining the housing system to employ new devices. Real estate can contribute to Tree Houses, Hot Air Balloons & House Boats or Submarines as a new lifestyle. Some spaces in Africa are still fighting for drinking water to see if they get the Vultures, Eagles & Falcons trained to work in a tango team spirit picking up water containers & dropping to the drought-affected areas. Mint currency when things go well, start exploiting &nexporting filtered water around the globe.
For more ideas, please get in touch with me will get a leak on bitcoins.

Not many people have the opportunity to play with water.




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