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WhatsApp ultimately comes to a good cause

A Finnish teacher who secretly taught IS children in Syrian camps by text

Every day at 09:00, Ilona Taimela greeted her students and explained their assignments.

Her daily routine lasted about a year from May 2020 and in common with many other teachers she was working remotely.

Except Ms Taimela’s students were being taught in a detention camp in north-eastern Syria — a world away from her desk in Finland.

In messages sent via WhatsApp, she taught subjects ranging from mathematics to geography in both Finnish and English.

Her pupils were 23 Finnish children living in al-Hol camp, a vast city of tents for people linked to the Islamic State (IS) group.

Kudos to the hero of the week

The idea of using WhatsApp for a significant cause has elevated Whatsapp’s reputation. The unnecessary forwards by folks without them scanning targeting others, the war zone in groups on psychological topics & transmitting a collective message on season’s greetings without a personal touch.
When they launched this WhatsApp app, the name portrays the confusion by creators not definitive about how people will manipulate using it?

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