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Biden Has Faith In Santa Claus

President Joe Biden has said “only Santa Claus” can keep a promise to deliver every gift this Christmas, as the US grapples with global supply chain disruption.

But he said at the White House his administration was fixing the problem, leaving the country in “very strong shape” for the festive season.

I hope everybody’s on the same page with you Biden

When I spoke about Santa Claus last year, he gifted me unusual common sense. This year I wished for an organic sex toy that melts in my vagina hole after orgasm; as pulling this stunt, I end ceaselessly knocking on the doctor’s door to force it out.
However, coming to the point, the folks with whom I shared about Santa Claus stopped speaking to me forever. I bid you luck. Biden addressing something like that on the mike in front of uncountable heads is praiseworthy.

Photo by Lynda Hinton on Unsplash




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