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Why do the Syrian folk risk transpiring expelled from Turkey for banana jokes?

Laughing and joking on camera, Syrians have been taking share in the latest craze to sweep social media in Turkey.

In playful TikTok videos, they’ve been eating bananas and challenging their friends to do thusly.

The videos seem safe enough, the standard rate for TikTok nowadays. But as trends come and go, these videos may have long-term consequences for some Syrians.

In recent days, Turkish authorities have accused Syrians of “inciting hatred” for eating bananas in a “provocative” manner.

Several Syrians have been detained and are in danger of deportation.

In a climate of growing hostility toward Turkey’s great Syrian community, bananas have become a symbol of division.

Banana is a fruit which a child without teeth as an infant & at old age without teeth goes recommended by doctor on eating it. It’s funny Tiktok, the monster, for the first time, seems to execute positivity on playing to throw people eating healthy nutrients & pulling others in it. If they were advertising junk food, we could have probed at deporting them.

The problem is more profound; they possess turned into banana running jokes as moving dicks, which they can’t get purged off. Possibly they need to play the Tiktok games in rewind mode, were eating a banana perhaps seem less graving to them. They should pick a banana peeling by placing it next to their dick, as this joke was eternally faulty. No one possesses such a big cock in sleep mode & in an erect manner. It is no longer a banana, however a cannon.



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