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What I learnt eating at 8,000 Chinese restaurants


Many people in America love Chinese food, but David R Chan is perhaps in a league of his own.

Mr Chan, a 72-year-old former tax lawyer based in Los Angeles, claims to have dined at nearly 8,000 Chinese restaurants across the US and counting. Each is archived in a spreadsheet that he has maintained for four decades, along with thousands of restaurant business cards and menus.

If one visits a Chinese restaurant per day, it would take more than 20 years to reach his current count — 7812 restaurants.

From pineapple buns and pork belly to chicken feet and tea-smoked duck, the Chinese restaurant “collector” documents his food conquests almost daily on his social media accounts.

Feasting on more than 8,000 restaurants & still counting, which shows in 72 his mathematics praiseworthy. However, when his mission was Chinese Restaurants, he failed to learn to eat with chopsticks. When his assignment was Chinese, he had to sink from his roots, which made him mixed up about what he had ascertained. When you end up exhausting the same cuisine in different restaurants, I understand it can leave the brain in a spinning wheel mode. This ceaseless effort goes into recording to preserve his social media Instagram feed delicious. Help!
In a way, I admire it, as old age calls for a busy mind, or it tends to get rusted, finally letting your mind collapse on plenty of things to remember. I consider the social media platforms should advertise in pitching in 60 plus people as they require dynamic. Exit the other souls’ millennials, adults & criminals from administering them in their potholes.

Photo by Bon Vivant on Unsplash

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Well, thanks and no thanks.



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