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Crimean gold must return to Ukraine — Dutch court

A Dutch appeal court ruled in favor of Ukraine in a long-standing dispute over a historical collection of ancient treasures triggered by Russia’s annexation of Crimea.
The legal conflict started in 2014 when four Crimean museums forced the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam to return the gold.
Ukraine maintains the treasuries, now held in storage, are state-owned.
The museums, backed by Russia, could still take the sheath to the Supreme Court, so there is little chance of the Scythian Gold collection moved just yet.

Russia still illegally exists throughout Ukraine. It’s going to be a tough battle where they pass to support the Amsterdam Museum too. The split of the USSR severed Vladimir Putin’s heart into pieces which shows remorse in his actions. I believe he needs to stop checking the USSR map through electronic gadgets. Rather than operating in getting a hard copy of the map, someone he dislikes in his cabinet should allow permitted to cut the map with scissors showing him the split that occurred long back. It’s the only way to salvage this situation. We tend to remember things more clearly when they stretch done by someone we hate.



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