Come To Me

Never-ending poem

Hope Coalesce
Aug 4 · 1 min read
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Photo by Jason D on Unsplash

They’re hidden
so buried
not no one can see

Feel for them
they’re there
reach in deep

’Cause you gotta break free
you gotta come…
you gotta escape
come to me

Set yourself free. Your dreams are waiting for you.

This is my response to B. A. Cumberlidge. He tagged me in his awesome poem. Escape was his tag word. Which is a continuation of the Never-Ending Poem chain. Thank you for sharing Admire Or Lusting Desire.

I will tag some of my friends on Medium to continue the Never-Ending Poem.
Breanna Lowman, Diana C., Arundhati, Manasi Diwakar, Amy Marley, Lucy (the egg girl), Taylor Carr, The Crimson Citadel, Tej, Spyder.

Tag word: “enchantment”

***Thank you for reading***
Love & Light,

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