The Ear’s Mouth Must Move: Acknowledgments

May 2014

I extend my thanks to the interviewers and editors who worked with me to secure permissions and other material for this project:

  • Jessie Ahn of The New Republic
  • Fred van der Zee, representing the defunct Dutch Quarterly Review
  • John O’Brien of Dalkey Archive Press and its Review of Contemporary Fiction
  • Michael Silverblatt of “Bookworm”
  • Jo Chapman of the Lannan Foundation
  • Rebecca Soares of The University of Wisconsin Press and its Contemporary Literature
  • Eric Day, contributor to Hayden’s Ferry Review, and its managing editor, Beth Staples
  • Andrew Leland of The Believer
  • Paul Maliszewski, contributor to Vice, and its managing editor Amy Kellner
  • Cheston Knapp, managing editor of Tin House, and contributor Greg Gerke
  • Rain Taxi and contributor John Madera.

Thanks also — for encouragement, support, feedback, or interest — to Kyle Beachy, Matt Bucher, Lorin Cuoco, Jeff Downing, Michael Eastman, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Paul Ford, Mary, William H. and Catherine Gass, Craig Mod, Joel Minor, Steven Moore, and Tamara Schenkenberg.