Schools prepare for the year ahead

Dr. Richard Perry to start as superintendent on Aug. 20

With weeks to go before the start of the 2018–19 school year, the Monroe Township Board of Education looked to put the finishing touches on preparation.

While a litany of motions carried, including but not limited to: teacher and staff salaries, budgets for technology, bus route renewals, etc. One thing stood out — the Williamstown High School will begin its school year sans a principal.

Part of the superintendent’s 45-part report was to appoint Caroline M. Yoder, assistant principal at Williamstown High School, as acting principal at Williamstown High School at a prorated salary based on MTOAS salary guide, $152,956, pending final Board/MTOAS negotiations.

The above, number 32 on the superintendents list of 45 actions, was the only one not to pass.

In the new business portion of the meeting, president George Caruso, proposed that the board only hold one meeting per month in Sept. and Oct. in an effort to promote transparency.

Vice president James Henderson opposed the issue, “Mr. President I have a problem — especially [with] the beginning of the school year. As issues arise, especially Sept. and Oct. to limit ourselves to one meeting, I’m concerned about that.”

Caruso assured that a special meeting could be put in place if need be, the motion carried as Henderson was the only one to oppose.

In other news:

  • Acting superintendent Greg Cappello gave an update on Holly Glen

“I would like to thank the teachers of Holly Glen, we opened the gym and brought the materials that were cleaned down to the gym. They’re gone through by the teachers to make sure the materials are going to be available. We have Holly Glen meetings every day, we are not sitting back.”

  • Dr. Richard Perry started his term as interim superintendent on Monday, Aug. 20

“I would like to thank the board and community for accepting me. I’m very excited about this new opportunity. I believe Monroe Township is a fantastic community and a sleeping giant. I’m looking for great things to occur.”

  • The Williamstown Middle School will be hosting a new club this year called the “Minding Your Mind Club” which will promote mental health awareness.

The next Board of Education meeting will take place on Sept. 20