Fed — The New Jedi

What I liked about what fed did last night — in addition of course to the obvious psychological rebounds of playing two poor sets — was his willingness to occasionally duke it out with extremely hard groundstrokes, either side, against this kid almost half his age and no doubt stronger. “I can hit with you if i have to. I’m just not going to do it for an entire match.”

Remember the start of the Cilic match? Fed knew that he had to start by showing Cilic that he could, and would, hit hard. At 35.

It messed with Cilic right off the bat, and the match was over in 5 games. a NECESSARY five-game power statement before fed could even think about playing his brand of tennis.

Last night similar in first set, except Tiafoe was so strong. Fed had no chance.

With the exception of the 4th set, Fed from the second set on was able to hold other Tiafoe attempts at power displays at bay with his own power — like the scene in star wars III where Samuel l. Jackson (Windu) sends the Sith lord’s energy power right back at him, almost killing him but for Anakin’s intervention.