The Final Weeks & The Future

Wow. Windows 10 is releasing in less than a month. Sorry. It’s beginning to release in less than a month. As we read in Microsoft’s blog post about the upgrade process they’ll be undertaking, July 29 will be the release date of the RTM build for Insiders only, with those who reserved Windows 10 on their 7/8.1 PCs following soon after. Currently, I am NOT running the Insider Preview on any of my PCs, but I have reserved the upgrade, so I will be getting Windows 10 very soon.

Anyways, I just wanted to talk a bit about what will happen after Windows 10 begins rolling out to the masses. You’re probably thinking, “Well, if Windows 10 is finished, then this blog is finished, too, right?” Wrong. Microsoft has made it clear that the Insider Program will live on as they deliver Windows to its customers as a service, rather than a one-time thing. Several features expected to be included in Windows 10, such as Microsoft Edge and the mysterious Messaging app, won’t even be a part of the initial RTM build. Microsoft will constantly update Windows 10 with new features and fixes.

So where does that leave this blog? Well, just like Windows 10, windows10page will live on. Microsoft news is nowhere near done for this year, as HoloLens, Windows 10 Mobile, and the Windows 10 Xbox One update, among other awesome devices and software, have yet to be released. Stay tuned here for everything about Windows 10 coming in the next few months (and maybe even years). We’ll be here to give you the latest on things like the Lumia 940+940 XL, the Surface Pro 4 (and Mini?), and others.

Thanks so much guys.

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