Windows 10 Release Date Announced

Microsoft decided to have their best friend Cortana announce the release date of Windows 10. That’s right, people, July 29!

There have been several leaks of the release date. AMD’s CEO correctly let slip it would be available in July, and just this weekend tech retailer posted pre-orders for Windows 10 releasing at the end of August.

Now the Windows Blog has officially announced a July 29 release date. Over the weekend, Microsoft also provided an update for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 user encouraging them to “reserve” an upgrade to Windows 10. I personally don’t think this tool is to allow people to “reserve” Windows 10; it’s more just to get the word out, as well as to allow Microsoft to gauge about how many people will perform the upgrade, so they can prep their servers and things.

Either, way, I’m super excited! Windows 10 will be out in under 2 months!

Thanks everyone!

See Microsoft’s post here.