The Hits Keep on Coming for Trump

Russia leaks. The Comey memo. A Special Prosecutor named. Trump’s presidency is crumbling.

A few minutes ago, news broke that deputy Rod Rosenstein has named former FBI director Robert Mueller as the special counsel overseeing the investigation into whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government to steal the American election last year.

Last week was one of the more insane weeks in American history, filled from start to finish with obstruction of justice, scandalous revelations, lies, blackmail and the sitting president flat-out lying about making up a phrase that has actually existed for nearly a century.

So of course this week is on track to make last week look like a ho-hum, boring, routine seven days in D.C.

It’s only Wednesday. Here’s the week so far:

  1. Trump leaks classified intelligence we received from Israel to the Russians. The White House sends out H.R. McMaster to deny the report.
  2. Trump wakes up the next morning and confirms the story on Twitter, saying he had the right to share classified information (which is true; the President can declassify anything at any moment just by deciding to do so). Trump’s confirmation shows McMaster was lying, which is exactly what happened last week with Spicer, Conway, etc.
  3. A memo surfaces written by James Comey detailing a February conversation with the President in which—after asking others to leave he and Comey alone in the Oval Office—Trump said he’d love to see Comey stop his investigation of Michael Flynn. For those counting at home, this is obstruction of justice. Unfortunately for Trump, Comey—like many at the FBI—keeps detailed notes of all conversations, especially when the conversation includes a sitting president trying to obstruct justice. Oh, and Trump also tells Comey he’d like to see journalists jailed for publishing classified information.
  4. Trump gives the commencement address at the Coast Guard Academy. He uses the speech to complain about his treatment by the media and says no president in history has been treated worse or more unfairly, and also mentions that he won the presidency, because he can’t go a single day without discussing his win.
  5. Congress requests the Comey memos and any of the “tapes” Trump alluded to when blackmailing Comey last week. House Oversight Committee chairman Jason Chaffetz, who is biding his time until he can leave Congress for a sweet Fox News gig, asks the FBI to produce records of communications between Trump and Comey.
  6. Trump welcomes Turkish president Erdogan, a strongman who has used violence to grab and maintain power in his country, to the White House. Erdogan’s henchmen then beat up protesters on Embassy Row.
  7. Rosenstein names Mueller special counsel for the Russia investigation.
Remember when this guy was a potential contender for the 2020 election? Hahahaha

It’s not all bad news for Trump. At least he still has craven sycophant Paul Ryan on his side. Has anyone aligned with Trump torpedoed their political career more than Ryan? A year ago he was considered a wonkish statesman, a Republican contender for 2020 against Hillary who was staying above the ridiculous 2016 fray.

Now? He’s been used and abused by Trump, and is still somehow chaining himself to this sinking administration.

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