The president is a moron. The republic is under attack. Let’s talk about it.

Welcome to The Wiretapp.

Want to have some fun? Go on Facebook and make a politically charged comment, then just watch what happens.

It works for conservatives and liberals. Try it, just for fun. Say something about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. It doesn’t matter what the comment is, either. You can say I wish he’d stop tweeting or but her emails and it’s guaranteed to drive at least three people away.

It won’t work as well if you say something related to Bernie Sanders. The Bernie folks just get real sad and move to Portland or Austin, which isn’t as much fun as watching the raging wildfire you just started.

This is also a great method for identifying family and friends who are kind of racist but have managed to keep their thoughts on such things bottled up.

Pure class and elegance.

Here’s why I’m writing on The Wiretapp

I have a large social media following due to my work in sports journalism. I’m not bragging or anything okay I’m bragging. But seriously. It’s a big following. Many people have said this.

I do this thing every once in awhile that I’m not proud of. Donald Trump will tweet something, and it’s always the dumbest thing I’ve read in my life up to that point, and I’ll just go on a rampage on Twitter, like a real vicious drunken bender except without the alcohol. I lose my shit and I keep calling the president You Disgusting Pig or The Worst President Ever or Shut The Fuck Up And Go To Sleep Asshole.

And what I’ve found is that my Twitter followers don’t really give a shit what I have to say about politics. They followed me because of a totally different thing, and they don’t want to hear about anything else. And if I keep on going, they just unfollow me.

To date, I have driven away over 2,000 followers with my political tweets.

Is this a record? It has to be. I am proud of this number. But eventually I’m going to drive all of them away, and then my life will be meaningless.

Some people just don’t care about the historic assault on the American republic happening right now. Because I do care, and I want to have a conversation about what we’re witnessing and what we can do about it.

That’s why I started The Wiretapp.

It’s called The Wiretapp because this awesome domain name was available. It’s clearly a reference to the president’s legendary tweet accusing former president Obama of tapping his phones before the election. And it’s a reference to how the president has the intelligence of a shrub. There is literally no other motivation for the branding of this publication.

If I hadn’t stumbled across this domain name, the site you’re reading could have easily been called Jeremy’s Political Thoughts and Other Musings. I think we can all agree The Wiretapp is much better in just about every way.

An added bonus to launching this publication

Now it’s even easier for my family and friends to avoid talking politics with me, because all they have to do is pretend this site doesn’t exist. You’re welcome, Mom.

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