Beating Alpha — Don’t Think. Just Play Or Else… AI AlphaGo Wins!

Simple Game or Test of the Far Stretches of the Human Mind’s Capacity for Intuitive Strategy?

Olivia Friedman is working on a metaphysical concept involving mindfulness toward the farthest stretches of the mind. She says,

“Imagine a ranking system where humans are right up there with AI and other systems like AlphaGo on intelligence with predictability aptitude that is out of this world? That being said, we night not continue to ignore mindfulness in business, tech, and strategy — especially since our spiritual state is always perfect and untainted, yet the expression of it may be following a dream no one else can understand. Why? Because it’s not their dream!”

She references a challenge to computer programmers and engineers to create an algorithm that would allow AI to predict where the human mind is going, even if not on track. Why is this important? Olivia says it is the key to beating AI, by distorting the way it learns to predict our logic and in essence, out next move(s).

Clearly, we can only imagine what may be going through your mind right about now, but hold on. She is highly credentialed, proven, trusted and a born reverse engineer always starting at the end of a problem, working her way backward to several viable and credible solutions —though be they derived by divergent mean, a unique and beautiful mind indeed! So if this doesn’t make sense to you don’t feel bad, it threw us for a loop as well at first glance seeing her diagrams as they were like a foreign computer language and far above out paygrade, no doubt. However, do hold on as we take you for a wild ride to the far stretches of the human mind with Olivia Friedman — Futurist, American Businesswoman and Woman in Tech.

“May the best mind win! How to Beat AI as Humans… The secret? Do not be predictable while keeping in sight the end goal! In essence, taking the scenic route to your destination in the game — making it as if you simply stumbled upon that space in time totally by accident!”

Back to the Basics by Olivia Friedman, a book due for release June 21, 2022 on high intelligence and the impending massive yet rapid acceleration and evolution of the human mind as a result of the information age where Olivia Friedman, the founder of WE-Dbase in a massive effort to support entrepreneurs explores even deeper, a concept and phrase she coined while working in public relations just after having received her Agency Ready Certificate in PR from the PR Council. \

She took the concept of her strategic marketing system and processes to the next level which is now called; Deep Marketing. In fact, upon deploying Deep-Marketing originally called the Whisper Hive Mind Marketing Strategy (by way of media listening, and many other a-typical strategies she has found to me a massive success when duplicated), Olivia Friedman, being a futurist immediately began to speak frankly about AlphaGo and calls the activity behind the best players, merely losing one’s self in deep and mindful intuition. The same seemingly rarely tapped areas of the human mind she believes holds massive potential toward an extreme level of mindfulness, possibly to the point of physical force via mindfulness alone if one has ever seen an actual demonstration of applied kinetic energy.

She says that having watched players play Alpha, almost immediately reminded her of the three days and nights back in 2012 (apparently non-stop without food or water), the emergence of her invention where for the first time in known world history, would allow the user to detect actual human emotion to be detected through contactless electrode via brain waves and audible frequencies via EEG, EMG, and eventually EGG for global mindfulness projects, etc., which many may call a modern day bio-feedback device. She and the US Army explored possible commercial uses including a modern day polygraph where she more vividly recalls while designing her creation/invention — becoming aware of her own mind reaching a space and time within her own mind where it was almost as if she was receiving instructions from a source beyond the norm, as in — completely intuitively. In knowing this, she stopped immediately after reaching that point which she calls, the point of flow, when the brain, intuition, and other access to the divine housing greatness such as the wisdom of Solomon all begin to run simultaneously — yielding amazing results and most often, details and outcomes never seen before which she calls, accessing the Magnum Opus Thought-pool and is the basis of her 5High Metaphysics Movement in high level computing and computer programming just in time for quantum physics and quantum computing.

Many have achieved this type of access without knowing what is happening and clearly until my research — not having an actual name for this phenomenon and no research to become enlightened by it after having experienced instances of it. Well, thanks to Olivia Friedman, it now has a name. Ironically, she believes the lack of a name or term to identify with the phenomenon — is the primary reason why the handful of people on the planet that actually do experience it, rarely speak upon it.

Thankfully, Olivia Friedman is inviting other bright minds to her think-tank called Deep-Mind Concepts to explore the possibilities of such mindfulness in her elite thinker community by-invite-only. She says her plans are to further and of course expand the concept into countless other industries and to tap into those rare seemingly hidden, and untapped areas of the mind to expand human mindfulness — taking mind-expansion and mind-power to the next level of human evolution. Exploring such areas of the brain in a spiritual sense is what she calls 5High Metaphysics. Olivia will present some of the details of her very private, almost secretive elite team comprised of former United Nations affiliated leaders, relatives of world leaders, a few university professors and a few others that she declines to mention who all delve into these spiritual and mindful practices that to date seem to hold the master-key to the future of the intellectual and other aspects of the mind.

When asked to describe AlphaGo? She said the following;

“Phenomenon encountered when playing Go reminds me of a very odd and untapped area of the brain being accessed, and the oddness that lay in the recesses of the mind often ignorantly overlooked and ignored which is the master-key to the next evolution of the mind’s true power in ways that are presently unfathomable by human beings today.”

“Or to say it lightly, it’s when you tap your higher mind and your lower mind no longer understands what you’re doing, while still winning at it.”

“Enter the World of AlphaGo.” The AI Olivia Friedman, Bozoma Saint John of the South is calling the next step in human evolution of mindfulness far beyond the outdated minds of Chess Masters!

At the end of our interview, we asked Olivia to leave us with something we can carry into the future on such topics, she quickly responded with;

“To know the mind is to know its capacity, strengths and weaknesses alike. Beware who and what knows your mind, for their are many unseen consequences of their knowing.”

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