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Become a Writer for Wisest Friends

Apply to be a writer for the Wisest Friends publication.

Apply to become a writer.

Do you write articles on science, mathematics, technology, programming etc?

You can become a writer for Wisest Friends today. You can become a writer for our Quora space too.

Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Only submit unpublished articles to Wisest Friends.
  2. Use proper tags in your articles.
  3. Articles can be completely unplagiarized (up to 10% plagiarization can be allowed).

If your article isn’t published within a week after submitting it, know that the article is rejected.

Subject Preferences:

  1. Science
  2. Mathematics
  3. Technology
  4. Programming

Just fill up the form to apply.

Wisest Friends will only accept great articles on science, mathematics, technology, programming etc. But don’t get demotivated if your article doesn’t make the cut on the first try. Make sure to submit your other articles for consideration.

Happy writing!

Top notch articles on science, technology, and business, written by some young bright minds.

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Samrat Dutta

Developer, designer, writer, data analyst, AI enthusiast. [follow/hire me]

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