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Cold, Dark, and Dank… with cats

I just finished my first week working from home

My home office — photo by author

When I learned (on March 27) that I would be working from home this week, starting March 30, I went home and found the desk in the corner of the basement that I had always meant to set up as a home office. When we moved into this house, I had dreams of retreating to my own quiet space where I could be alone to write. But sitting on the couch in front of the TV with my lap desk was just easier, and I never used it.

Now, though, I cleared the storage boxes off the desk, wiped the dust away, and vacuumed the bit of carpet that covered the cement floor beneath the desk. I found an old desk chair and pushed it up to the desk. My boss lent me a desk lamp and a back support for the chair.

It’s a dark corner, but it’s quiet and I can’t hear my roommates upstairs once I have my Spotify running.

I put a little candle in the middle of the desk and it gives a bit of cheer to the dank basement cave feeling. But it’s cold.

I go upstairs for breaks and warm my fingers and toes before venturing back into my work cave. It has been cold outside this week, and I think it will probably be more comfortable down there when it warms up outside. Here’s hoping Spring gives us some nice weather soon so I’m not so chilled while I do my data entry every day.

I know I’m lucky to still have a job. My life right now is pretty good.



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