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A race your generation can not afford to lose.

It’s time to learn the truth.

It’s hard work being young and single. You need most of the day to figure out who you are. And most of the night to find the right person to be with.

It’s hard work being young and married. Work, chores, doing couples stuff.

Throw in children, and it’s impossible. I get it.

But I saw your older brother, or your dad, or your aunt go to the last war for no reason. And I worried about my son going there, too. There were 4,744 people who did not come back. And another 32,000 who came back without body parts. And another 250,000 with PTSD.

The last generation had their chance and blew it in 2000. People said “there is no difference between the parties.” But there was a huge difference then, and a huge difference now.

Remember who started the last war. Here’s news for you. Those same guys are already talking about going into Syria and Iran. Or escalating conflicts with China and Russia.

Remember why your student loan interest is crushing you and you can’t find a good job.

Remember why you or someone in your family may be at risk every day on our city streets beause of the color of your skin. And that, unfortunately, the Police could pose a threat, in addition to the all the bad guys out there.

Remember that there are still places where you can be fired for being gay. Or not get the health care you need because they are closing your closest clinic. Or someone is getting away with dumping toxic waste in the river behind your house.

But here’s the thing. If you’re smart enough to do research on nail polish or Star Wars drones, you are smart enough to learn something that will help other people.

Become a truth seeker.

Learn about something important to you. Become a master of just one subject. Then use your knowledge to speak the truth.

That’s all I ask. When you read the news and a politician tells a lie, then point it out. And find out which people are telling the truth so you can support them.

Do you want the right to decide what to do with your body? Then point out the people who want to take away your power. Support the people who want to protect your power. I don’t care if it is an election for dog catcher. Tell your friends who is lying. And tell them to vote for the honest person. Work for a campaign. Get out the vote. And vote for the person who tells it like it is.

Do you want people to eat healthy food? Then point out which companies are a danger to public safety. And lead that fight.

Are you worried about climate change? Then teach people about that truth.

There’s a huge election coming, but the battle for truth starts now. And it has to continue long after the votes are counted.

Don’t say “it’s too hard.” “Too hard” is when thousands get maimed or die for no reason. Because the new liars get in power and then write bad laws. Or start a new war. Or round up your relatives because they’re not real Americans.

While you wonder if people will like your post.



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