On how to get back up after you’re down

Have you ever had one of those days when you were looking forward to something only to have never materialize?

Yes, I know the feeling. You wake up eager to face the day, with best possible attitude. But at the end of it, you go to bed feeling sad and disappointed.

And that’s exactly how I felt today because I’m broke, unmotivated, and pretty tired of every single crappy thing that’s happened to me this year.

I’m pretty sure everyone has had a day like this at least once in their life, so I though about asking a question to anyone who’s ever felt as crappy as I do right now.

How do you keep yourself motivated? How do you keep yourself from feeling desperate?

I know anyone can change their own lives and circumstances, but how do you know which changes to make? Or how do you know how to change?

These are not easy questions to answer because, to be honest, it’s a lot easier to look at someone else’s life and see the mistakes. It’s easy to tell someone what they’re doing wrong, but it’s a lot harder to know when and how you’re screwing things up.

All day, I kept wishing I had a eureka moment, or an a-ha moment, or an epiphany, but I was convinced that only happens in movies. It doesn’t happen in real life.

Real life isn’t as predictable as a movie or a book, where there’s a climactic moment and then everything unwinds from there. Real life doesn’t have any of that. Nobody would need therapy if we all had epiphany moments.

I remembered that just yesterday, I had read that success is made through habits. It’s obvious to me that I have a few bad habits to break. I just need to know what they are.

I thought I could probably figure out what those bad habits are if I just sat down and thought about it calmly for a moment. If I could quiet down perhaps I would be able to listen to that little, sensible and reasonable voice inside my head.

After a while of thinking things through, I thought maybe I would never have that epiphany moment, but I was sure I had to get my head out my ass.

I told myself to stop thinking that all this bad stuff is happening only to me. The people close to me, my family, are clearly going through the same bad situation. It affects us all, so I’m not the only one who’s feeling like crap.

I also realized that the truth is I have a lot to be grateful for. In comparison, there’s plenty of folks out there who have it much worse.

I’m healthy, my family is here with me, we have food, a roof over our heads, clothes on our back, and schools and jobs to go to. We are more fortunate than a lot of people out there.

At that moment, I made a decision. I decided tomorrow I’m just going to get back up again and face the day with the same motivation and enthusiasm that I had this morning. Life is taking quite a few punches at me, but I made up my mind and I’m not going down without a fight.

And that’s when I realized I’d had a small epiphany. Or an a-ha moment. Or maybe I just took a little baby step in the right direction.

I guess personal growth is really made up of these little light bulb moments, wouldn’t you agree?

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