The Real Reason We Can’t Ditch Clutter and Organize the Home

Lack of jurisdiction breeds our inability to see the big picture

Two poster frames hang on a wall, display the manufacturer’s supplied image.
My office wall — photo by Pamela Hazelton

As I look around the house, I’m in awe of the volume of things I don’t appreciate. During the pandemic onset in early 2020, I assured myself I would re-organize and get rid of all the things to which I don’t pay much mind. That didn’t happen.



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Pamela Hazelton

Pamela Hazelton


Avid writer, marketer & business consultant. // Reward yourself a little every day. 🆆🅾🆁🅺 + 🅻🅸🅵🅴 🅱🅰🅻🅰🅽🅲🅴