ACTU — ‘Disgrace’ That Australia Has No Domestic Violence Leave

Photo via ACTU

The ACTU has renewed pressure on the federal government to legislate a national domestic violence leave scheme.

So far this year almost 40 women have been killed as a result of domestic violence. The ACTU is asking for ten days of paid domestic violence leave to be included in national employment standards. The addition of 10 days paid leave would cost just five cents per employee.

Currently, Domestic Violence Leave is not compulsory. “We know a large proportion [of domestic violence victims], nearly two-thirds, are in paid work and if they lose their job, we know the consequences of the situation are dire. They perhaps can’t leave because they don’t have financial security or independence. They find themselves homeless or having to find refuge with the services these people provide,” ACTU Secretary Ged Kearney said last week.

The AWU supports the ACTU campaign, stay tuned for upcoming actions.

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