Altus Backflip on Inclement Weather Payments That Keep Workers Safe

Members who work in traffic control are applying for protected action at Altus after management refused to include inclement weather payments for cottage work. The AWU delegates have been negotiating for over 12 months for a new EBA and although Altus have agreed to pay on major projects they refuse to pay on cottage work. These are award entitlements, and it’s especially important to be protected on the cottage work when workers are forced to work in dangerous conditions.

It’s time cottage workers were treated with the same respect as major projects!

Altus AWU members have started the process for protected action. Only AWU members can take part in the action, so make sure you’re signed up & all details are up to date!

Contact AWU Traffic Management Organiser Nick Blackford on 0438 667 174 or email to find out more.
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