It’s Time for a Change

Victorian AWU branch secretary Ben Davis outside the West Melbourne offices being raided by federal police. Picture: Jason Edwards

What a strange week it has been.

The last 48 hours have been fast-moving dirty politics. Catch up by reading our first statement here. Senator Cash has since denied and then admitted her office was responsible for leaking news of the raids to the media. With one of her staff resigning and the rumour of more of her staff involved it’s hard to see how Senator Cash’s position can remain tenable. The big question now is who told Cash’s office.

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, who is representing the AWU, filed an application and sought an urgent hearing in the Federal Court to challenge the validity of Tuesday’s unprecedented and heavy-handed police raids. We’re back in the courts tomorrow morning to keep up to date check our Facebook or Twitter.

Where to from here? One thing is clear from this week’s events, it is time for a change. The system is broken, and Australian people deserve better. We need to fight and campaign as hard as ever. We need to make sure we win the UGL Esso campaign, make sure you donate to the UGL Esso workers who have been on their protest line for 123 days. We need to fight to make sure our workplaces are safe, and we need to stand up and stick together. It’s these disputes that create change.

Ben Davis
Secretary, AWU Victorian Branch

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