Moving Forward by Looking Back

On the heels of the 2016 election, leaders of color and immigrant leaders are working tirelessly to make sense of how we got here, steady ourselves, and imagine ways to build power for the people in our country who will be most impacted by the changes to come. Some have used the language of resistance, others have used the language of opposition, and many of us are working to offer an alternative to politics and business as usual. We are all looking back to the history of our country for signs and insights to help us chart a course forward for all of us.

In a recent article written by PolAngela Glover Blackwell, invites us to remember how policies that intentionally helped the most vulnerable people in our country have an enduring impact and make all of our lives better. She reminds us that when we intentionally improve the lives of those who have historically been excluded from opportunity, those who have little representation within the halls of government, and those who work yet struggle to care for their families the result is an unquestionably more durable democracy and a just economy.

Glover Blackwell, President and Founder of PolicyLink, calls this the “Curb-Cut Effect”: the positive effects of policies and practices that are focused on equity and result in the material improvement of all of our lives. One of my favorite parts from her recently published article is:

I invite you to read the full article here and please let me know what you think.