E11: The Canada Edition

Old map of Canada from the British Museum’s Flickr collection

Liberal Majority Government in Canada!

Just announced on CTV news as I sit in the Vancouver airport on my way to SF. As a proud expat, watching the results and the Jays game at the same time gives warmth to my heart.

Now on to our regularly scheduled programing ;)


The Atlantic: Does America Still Want the American Dream?

“According to a recent analysis, the number-one attraction for Chinese visitors is not the Empire State Building or Statue of Liberty but Woodbury Commons, an outlet mall north of the city.”

Vulture: How Aaron Sorkin Designed Steve Jobs

SPOILERS! Don’t read this is unless you have seen the movie or don’t really mind ;)

TechCrunch: Leaked Pinterest Documents Show Revenue, Growth Forecasts

“The documents say that based on the fourth quarter of last year, Pinterest’s “revenue run rate” stood at $90 million. As the WSJ noted in June, this means that Pinterest brought in less than $25 million in revenue last year because the company first introduced its “promoted pins” in late 2014.”

Films For Action: The White Man in That Photo

“Sometimes photographs deceive. Take this one, for example. It represents John Carlos and Tommie Smith’s rebellious gesture the day they won medals for the 200 meters at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, and it certainly deceived me for a long time.”

Fun video of the week…

CNN: ‘Back to the Future’ day hits and misses
“I hate manure!”

Until next week :)