E03: Rockets, bots, music and more..

August heat wave! Brilliant use of pen, ink and the real world + digital to capture how I feel most days (I burn… fast).

New Yorker: “Some people experience vitamin D vicariously…”

Avi Steinberg, cartoonist at the New Yorker, and old college buddy keeps me smiling most days with his rejection pile on Facebook. To see the ones that made it, click the link.

NeimanLab: The New York Times publishes more than 300 stories each day

Ever wonder how the Times figures out to how to take a story and help it go viral? Data, bots and Slack to start.

Wired: NASA Successfully Tests Engine For Future Mars Mission

“Today’s test at NASA’s largest rocket engine testing facility mimicked a full launch, firing the engine’s 512,000 pounds of thrust for a straight 535 seconds, the time it would take to climb 200 miles.”

How are we going to colonize Mars? Newer, smarter, bigger rockets — now successfully being tested by Nasa.

The Hustle: The LinkedIn Hack That Made Me $120,000

“This is part of a series on gaming the system. You know, taking advantage of a loophole or oversight typically for personal gain. These are people who learn the rules of the game and then figure out how to break them. Ethics aside, these are people who see opportunity differently.”

The story of how Vungle founder, Jack Smith landed a covered spot in AngelPad.

Medium: 28 Things I’d Do Different Next Time Around

Here are just a couple of distilled pieces of advice that stood out after reading Mitch’s post:

  • “Hire top down after the first 10 people”
  • “Do less, but do it better, especially in product and marketing”
  • “Recognize people for their achievements in front of the whole company on a regular basis”

Fun video of the week…

Youtube: The Lucky Chops Band in Grand Central Station Subway

Will pick up your day for sure :)


Quick note from last week. It was our our Justin Thorp who originally clued me into the Library of Congress on Flickr which led to finding the British Museum. Justin is actually responsible for the LOC getting on Flickr, and as he says,

“Have done a lot of cool stuff in my career. That may have been one of the coolest.”

You can read Justin’s weekly newsletter here: http://www.justinslist.co

…Until next week :)