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Entrepreneur and Master Jeweler Michael Arthur is Leading Tech Advancements in Jewelry

Michael Arthur

Sydney, Australia is the birthplace and home of Michael Arthur, a jewelry brand owner whose career began at the age of 16 with a five-year apprenticeship in his hometown. This began a passion that, years later, has resulted in a million-dollar company. He related in a personal interview that “I always wanted to be creative and work with my hands. I thought I might be a builder or carpenter but was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to start my Jewelry apprenticeship with a family friend.” Michael’s company now has six staff and is on track to turn over seven million dollars.

Michael recently invested in a new full-service website which cost an incredible $70,000 to start. The website included a state-of-the-art ring builder that Michael created to help clients have a larger say in the creation of custom jewelry pieces. Clients are able to build their ring online, select a diamond and check out within 60 seconds. “This took eight months to create and has been a driving for in our growth” Michael explained while discussing the impact that recent investments have had on the business. They also have over $20 Million worth of live diamonds online today.

The recent explosion of Michael’s company resulted in them being awarded 25th out of 50 top smart companies in Australia, the 2021 most innovative jeweler of the year by APAC Business Awards, and reaching over 300,000 followers on Instagram, among their great financial success. The future of Michael and his company is on an upward trajectory as they double down on their recent accomplishments and look forward to their innovation. In an industry that is increasingly tech-friendly, entrepreneurs like Michael Arthur are poised to hold their grip on the market.

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