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How Educating Clients Can Help Them Build Trust, with Dovid P Fehler

Dovid P Fehler

It can be easy to get swept away in creating different products and services to make profits. However, in the process, you can accidentally leave behind what’s most important: making your customers happy. Dovid P Fehler is a leading London-based jeweler who has made satisfying and educating customers the core of his business model.

Dovid P Fehler sells jewelry and diamonds to clients the world over. Some of his biggest sales have come from South America, Australia, Dubai, and the United States. He has done a lot to differentiate himself from other people in the industry. He wants to educate people about diamonds and other gems to empower them to make the right purchase decisions. “So many jewelers have products they want to sell at huge profit margins, and they will do everything possible to manipulate customers into buying that product,” says Dovid. “I have a large inventory, so I don’t have to worry about that.”

Dovid P Fehler wants people to choose a gem that they’re happy with. “You shouldn’t buy a certain type of ring or stone for any other reason than that you love it,” he said. “Don’t listen to other people or information you find from unreliable sources. Pick what appeals to you and offers the most value for your hard-earned money.” This is why Fehler often tells his customers that while diamonds with minor flaws might not look too different, they are significantly cheaper and a better investment option for most.

Dovid P Fehler has found out that focusing on customer service and satisfaction is what has helped his business in the long run. Recently, a customer contacted him from Germany. He wanted to get engaged with a budget of $200,000. Dovid showed him a diamond, and he was sold. He even bought him a plane ticket to Germany to deliver the ring to him personally. “Teaching people about diamonds on Instagram has helped me build trust with my customers,” reveals Dovid P Fehler. “If people know that you care about them, they’re much more likely to make a big purchase.”

No matter what you sell, all businesses need to step up and provide excellent customer satisfaction to succeed in the long run. Here’s hoping Dovid P Fehler’s helpful insights inspire you to focus more on ensuring your customers are happy.



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