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MDRA Is On Fire With Her Latest Single “Forbes”

Toronto’s Hip-Hop/R&B Artist MDRA recently dropped an absolute banger titled, “Forbes”. The young rising star has been making major noise in the music industry and following the release of her hit single “Intuitions”, she follows up with her latest song “Forbes”. This record is different from her last, instead of R&B, it’s more of a hard trap beat with melodic rap bars. She has been flexing her versatility lately and this is another side of MDRA being displayed. “Forbes” is a record that truly embodies the word “Bossy”, it is yet another ultra-confident song released by MDRA and has been gaining major attention since release.

We asked MDRA what ultimately inspires her and she said, “My inspirations are really the people around me and the women who paved the way before me. My dad wore so many different hats in his life — he was an Air Force Pilot, an Engineer, and more. He taught me not to put my creativity in a box and that nothing is impossible. My mom inspired me to be a hustler. She’s gone through many things since a child and overcame everything by herself. She is the strongest woman I know. My friends and anyone I keep around me inspire me daily. We all want more and we want it for each other, no competition or bad vibes just inspiration.” MDRA’s display of gratitude is why her peers and community adore her, she has been growing at great speed and has no intention of forgetting who was around during her come up. Her silky smooth voice and bossy attitude is the perfect combination for a superstar in the music game and MDRA is the total package.

MDRA wishes to someday collaborate with her favorite artist Lil Durk and gives huge thanks to artists such as Pharrell, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Kim, saying “they paved the way for me and showed me that you can do multiple styles and be great at all of them. Nicki and Kim really showed the rap game that females can do it big too.” MDRA is one of the most underrated artists in the world and 2022 is looking very bright for the rising star.

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