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San Diego Rapper MaliFromCali Delivers Latest Single, “Overseas”

San Diego rapper MaliFromCali is hot on the release of her latest single “Overseas”. Her calm California sound blended with her heavy southern rap influences have created a style of its own on this powerhouse record. With an official visual gaining traction on YouTube, “Overseas” is setting up an unforgettable year for MaliFromCali.

Starting with an infectious pop chord progression, “Overseas” gets its listeners' attention from the jump. MaliFromCali is a motivated songwriter, weaving cadences and melodies into a maze that only she knows the way through. Her ability to make the upbeat hip hop production sound like a certified trap banger is an original skill most likely attributed to her time spent recording in her second home of Atlanta, Georgia. At almost 3 minutes, “Overseas” offers a small peek into what’s to come from MaliFromCali in 2022. The single was released in conjunction with an official music video, directed by frequent MaliFromCali creative collaborator KL Marcel. The visual shows a weeklong time lapse of MaliFromCali flexing on a tropical vacation, giving a quick look at the lifestyle that being a musical genius can afford you. With more music to come, “Overseas” is just the first drop in what is to be a successful 2022 run for MaliFromCali.

Listen to “Overseas” by MaliFromCali on Spotify and follow her Instagram for exclusive looks at new music.




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