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Bats Silent in Game 4 Loss

I get it.

You’re mad, you’re angry, and you’re upset. The bats were silent. Arrieta pitched well, but threw way too many pitches. The 1st base ump missed a clear strike out on a check swing. Addison made a very un-Addison play then the Nationals scored their first run. Joe did what Joe does and probably pulled Lester too early which lead to Carl Edwards Jr. giving up two walks and then Wade Davis being very un-Wade Davis gave up a Grand Salami to Michael A Taylor. Cubs lose 5–0.

Kris went 0–4 with 4 strikeouts, the Golden Sombrero. Strasburg was unhittable after we heard that he would possibly miss the start due to an “illness” due to the mold in the Nationals’ team hotel. He hit his spots early and often. The Cubs were swinging at that devastating changeup that was nearly in the dirt. Everything went wrong and the Cubs couldn’t do anything right. But remember the glory of the game of baseball, tomorrow is another day.

There is no rest day before the crucial game 5 in the Nation’s Capital. The Professor, Kyle Hendricks will be on the bump. The Cubs’ Ace who pitched 7 fantastic innings in game and took the win all while the bats were fairly quiet. If the Cubs lose this series it will not be because of the pitching or Joe Maddon. It will be because the hitters have been unable to put the ball in play in key spots, even in the games they won. But never forget 2016.

There were many games last year where the Cubs couldn’t string hits together, where things looked the darkest. Against San Francisco they were shut down by superior pitching, but came back. In the LA series Kershaw, Jensen, crew kept the Cubs quiet in games 2 and 3, until the bats exploded. We all remember the World Series, where the offense couldn’t do squat through 4 games and were down 3–1, with a very bleak outlook on the world. Then the bats came alive, pitchers like Kyle Hendricks, Jon Lester, and the other pitchers did what they do best. Yes things look bad right not, but it is not over just yet.

The glory of baseball is that there is a tomorrow, until there isn’t. At 7:00 pm Central Standard Time either Gio Gonzalez or Max Scherzer will take the mound for the Nationals, and someone for the Cubs will dig into the batter’s box. Yes tonight’s game left a bad taste in all of our mouths, but tomorrow is another day.

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