The Next Generation of Baseball Fans

Keeping Baseball alive in the hearts of America’s Youth

In many households across this country, baseball continues to be loved, but many people are growing concerned about the future of baseball. Over the last two decades, we have watched a steady decline in baseballs popularity and with the core base continuing to age, we all grow fearful of how to stop this decline.

I don’t know how to fix things on a National scale, but I have been doing my part to keep the love of baseball alive in a small little town in Southern Indiana. Although we live in a state that is well known for its love for basketball, we also find the game of baseball competing with High School football.

Just 2 years ago I volunteered to help coach a middle school aged team. Things have changed from the days when I was a kid and we called that Babe Ruth baseball. Now it’s called Jr. High baseball and it gives kids the chance to compete against area schools that they will face when they get to high school.

Numbers had really dropped last season and I worried about if we would have enough players this season to field the two teams we need. To my surprise, I now find myself with 28–30 kids coming out to play. Many coaches would hate to have that many kids on two teams, but to me, it shows hope that baseball could again thrive.

One of the biggest problems we face is the amount of money it cost to put on a season of baseball for these young ball players. We are forced to pay to use a local facility and even pay for our own umpires. Add to that Insurance, equipment, and paying for the occasional kid to play that doesn’t have the money and it can add up pretty quickly.

It can be a bit overwhelming at times, but I love the game of baseball and I love teaching these kids about patience, perseverance and fundamentals that may propel them to love the game the way I do.

I know not everyone can dedicate so much time to the game as I can, but there is a way you can help. Recently I decided to start up a Go Fund Me campaign. My hope is that we can raise enough money to sustain this program and get next season off to a nice start too.

So how can you help? It’s easy really. We at Wrigley Rapport have decided to reach out to the best fans in baseball for help. We started a Go Fund Me campaign and have decided to make it interesting for all of you. We decided to do one of our favorite things to do and that is to do a Giveaway.

This is where you come in. Anyone who makes a donation will be entered to win some very nice 2018 Cubs gear from That’s right no donation is too small. However, if you are feeling really generous we added this. Anyone who donates at least $20 will receive an extra entry. Once we reach our target goal we will pick one lucky winner.

So that’s it really. All you have to do is scrounge up a little money to help some kids learn to love the game of baseball and you could win your very own 2018 Cubs shirt & Hat. Thank You all for your continued support and let’s all lend a hand to help keep youth baseball alive for years to come.

So hit the link below and give what you can.

Who knows you could be investing in a future Cubs player too.

We Have over 2000 followers on Twitter and if you can all just give a little we can reach the goal for this team of up and comers. #GoCubs