Wrigley Rapport Cubs Cave Challenge

Got a Cubs Cave that you’re proud of? Here’s your chance to see if its the best around

Any Cubs fan that has ever been to Wrigley Field will tell you that it is one of the greatest places on earth to watch a baseball game. The history, the ivy on the wall and the comradery of your fellow fans make it something special. However, we know that many of us can’t make it to Chicago to watch a game very often so we are forced to find somewhere else to enjoy our beloved Cubbies.

Some may choose the local sports bar. Others enjoy laying in their own bed and relaxing while enjoying the game. But then we have the die-hard fans. The fan who loves the Cubs so much that if they cant go to Wrigley Field then they will bring Wrigley Field to them.

Is that person you?

Do you have your very own Cubs Cave that all your friends that are Cubs fans are jealous of?

Are you the person with such an awesome place to watch the game that when the playoffs roll around everyone wants to hang at your place?

There’s only one way to find out and that’s where we at Wrigley Rapport come in. We want to issue a challenge to all the Cubs Cavers out there to see if your Cave has what it takes. We want to see who will be crowned the 2017 Cubs Caver of the year.


So here’s how it all works. Simply tweet us a picture @WrigleyRapport of your Cubs Cave with #WRCubsCaveChallenge to have your Private Cubbie hideaway entered to win. If you don’t have a Twitter account then send us a picture on our Wrigley Rapport Facebook page with the same hashtag or simply email your picture to WrigleyRapport@gmail.com.


Submissions will be accepted from July 30th 2017- August 12th at 12 pm ET. Winner will be announced sometime on Aug. 14th on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

How Do I Win?

At Wrigley Rapport we have a staff of over 20 writers that love the Cubs and anything Cubs related. We will ask them to vote on which one they think is the best Cubs Cave. They may not be experts in much, but when it comes to Cubs stuff they are pretty close to it. We will also be sharing the photos on our social media sites and see how our followers react to each one to help us decide. So Basically you will be judged by a Jury of your Peers, also know as your fellow Cubs fans.


We would love to offer a large cash reward, but we know as a Cubs fan that it’s not about the money for you. However, we will be giving the winner their very own Hard back copy of Tom Verducci’s “The Cubs Way”. Along with that we will also be sharing a picture of your Cubs Cave on our Social Media sites and crown you the Wrigley Rapport Cubs Caver of the Year.


You don’t have to worry because we’re not real big on rules around here so we will keep it simple.

  1. Make Sure you add #WRCubsCaveChallenge when you send us your photo.
  2. By sending us the photo you are giving us permission to post it on our Social Media sites only for the purpose of promoting this contest.

Well that’s it. Get those Smart phones out or your fancy camera and send us your Cubs Cave photo.


You can find us on Twitter @WrigleyRapport or on Facebook at our Wrigley Rapport page, or look us up at Wrigley_Rapport on Instagram. Did I mention that we love the Cubs?