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Jul 22 · 4 min read

I’ve thought lately that the whole ‘launch’ model of getting your work out into the world has jumped the shark. It’s still happening, it’s probably still working for some people, but it just seems on it’s way out. Over. Done. Kaput.

There seems to be a pretty incredible trend right now of creators of all stripes offering super high-quality content for free. Like, crazy high quality, high value content.

The kind of thing that not very long ago would have cost a good chunk of money. After you got roughly three dozen emails from three dozen different affiliate folks about the thing.

As someone who creates things, I’m really excited about this trend toward generosity. It flies in the face of the idea that people won’t value something they don’t pay for or that you’re devaluing yourself if you don’t charge for every single thing you do.

And it depends a lot more on building a relationship with your followers than on bombarding them from all sides with pressure to buy something.

I thought I’d share a few things that I’ve a taken advantage of, that I think are completely mind blowing. And free.

Will these people ever try to sell you something? Sure. But my experience has been that they count on the quality of their work to do the selling for them. When they do try to sell me something, I consistently at least check it out.

Because of their previous generosity, I’m intrigued by everything they do.

For instance, when I was in a position to hire a coach recently it was a no-brainer to go with Bryan Harris — he’d already helped me so much. And when I was able to put some money into buying a planning system, the first one I went with was a Passion Planner.

No hard sale required.

Growth Tools

Bryan Harris is one of the most generous people I know. He’s rebranding his VideoFruit as Growth Tools and there are so many free tools and resources on is site.

I especially like the free action steps for different list building strategies and ListGoal, which keeps your email list building goal front and center. Bryan creates a new tool or substantially updates a current one every month.

When I first started Ninja Writers, I just followed Bryan’s advice — step-by-step — and it changed my life.

Sean McCabe’s List Building Class

Sean McCabe is another one of the most talented, generous people I’ve ever come in contact with. He spent more than an hour a couple of years ago, talking to me at the Frothy Monkey in downtown Franklin, TN about membership sites and how they work and whether or not one would work for me.

I was pretty excited when I saw that he’d put together a class all about audience building. Because Sean doesn’t do ANYTHING halfway, it’s full of great information. If you’re just getting started with email list building, you should definitely sign up right here.

Jeff Goin’s Intentional Blogging Course

This was one of the first resources I found when I first started seriously blogging. It’s a classic and still a good way to get the basics of blogging. Here’s a list of the lessons:

Free Downloadable Passion Planner

Did you know that, from its start, Passion Planner has offered anyone who wants to download and print it a free way to use their planner system?

It’s true.

I like the undated weekly the best. Just print it out, staple it into the inside of a manila folder, and you’ve got a little planner for the week. Voila. But they offer an entire dated annual planner to download and print — for free.

Super generous. I use a different planner now, but when I was first starting out and spending $50 on a paper planner seemed like a complete pipedream — I used the free Passion Planner.

Here’s my secret weapon for sticking with whatever your thing is.

Shaunta Grimes is a writer and teacher. She is an out-of-place Nevadan living in Northwestern PA with her husband, three superstar kids, two dementia patients, a good friend, Alfred the cat, and a yellow rescue dog named Maybelline Scout. She’s on Twitter @shauntagrimes and is the author of Viral Nation and Rebel Nation and The Astonishing Maybe. She is the original Ninja Writer.

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Posts about productivity, business, and systems for right-brained creatives. Ideas aren’t enough. We actually have to do the things!

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The Write Brain

Posts about productivity, business, and systems for right-brained creatives. Ideas aren’t enough. We actually have to do the things!

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