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The Storyteller: A Psychological Fiction Novel

You can sleep through the world, but not through yourself.

“Writing is like carrying a fetus.” — Edna O’Brien

I carried this fetus for four years and finished writing it in Summer 2019. The editing went on for another year, eleven rounds. Finally, there is no more for me to put into this book except to tell you it’s out there!

I have been off Medium for a month now, after I got the publishing deal for this book. Busy with it promotions, I have barely thought of anything since July, let alone write on various topic here.

Anyway, I present to you my upcoming book, of which the Kindle edition has been released! The paperback is going into print very soon and I am excited to share my second baby with you all. The Kindle edition is available worldwide, however, the paperback will not be available outside India. Those who reside in India can choose to wait for the paperback to be available on Amazon India if you prefer that.

The Storyteller is a psychological fiction novel with mystery and drama elements.

Check out this book trailer!

The Storyteller Book Trailer — Design, Content and Voiceover © Sana Rose

The Book Blurb

You can sleep through the world, but not through yourself.

A childhood incident she can’t recollect…
A haunting nightmare that jolts her out of sleep…
For Zara, knowing is suffering.

Cocooned in the shell she has built around herself, life is all about bare survival until one day she gets an email from The Storyteller

Zara is hooked by his words and hungry for more. But, to her horror, she learns he knows more about her than she thought.

When her step-cousin Zachariah lands after eight years, reviving bittersweet
memories, Zara must face her worst demons.

Who is The Storyteller? What does he want from her? What is she afraid of?
And why didn’t her mother protect her from the devastating truth about herself?

The Storyteller is a poignant narrative, exploring childhood trauma and the battle of a young woman caught between PTSD and high-functioning normalcy, intertwined with a tale of love, loss, grief, betrayal, pain and survival.

So grab your copy TODAY itself from Kindle store! Start reading! I’m sure there are more than a few parts language-lovers and literature-fans would love to revisit in this book.

Read your sample from Kindle store and decide for yourself. :) I’ll leave you to that now.

Here are the links to the book on Amazon:

Amazon Worldwide

Amazon India

I really hope you grab it and share your honest reviews on Amazon. :)

I hope to come back to blogging here soon. I miss that. Meanwhile, everyone stay safe and sane.

Love, Sana

Sana Rose was shortlisted for ARL Literary Award 2018 for Best Author for her debut women’s fiction novel Sandcastles (2018) soon after publication. Her first stint as an author was with a collection of poetry in 2011 when she was a medical student. Her poetry has since then appeared in anthologies featuring worldwide poets and in Indian and International online journals like The Sketchbook Journal, The Galway Review, Rat’s Ass Review, Ithalukal and Ashvamegh International Journal of English Literature.

She also writes on diverse topics like writing, creativity, mental health, personal development, relationships and parenting. When not writing, Sana is a Homoeopathic physician, mental health counsellor, freelance writer, art-dabbler and mom. She lives in Kadalundi, a seaside town in Calicut, Kerala, with her husband and daughter. The Storyteller is her second novel.

Read her works and updates at:



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