3 Best Netflix Shows to Binge in February 2020

Jessica Dinneen
The Writer’s Cove
2 min readFeb 4, 2020


Netflix has a never-ending stream of new and beloved content — not only from the United States but around the world. These three Netflix Orginal shows although being drastically different in their genres are so refreshing with their takes on original concepts that can intrigue and satisfy almost anyone.

1. Dark

Is a German Netflix Original set in a small town where two children go missing. Their family and friends left in their wake have to pick up the pieces and are desperate to figure out what happened to them. This Sci-Fi/Thriller grapples with elements of time travel and futuristic dystopian society. Set in 2019 the show jumps back in time to the 1980s to learn from the past on how to correct and save the future as they know it.

2. Sex Education

Is a British Netflix Original which depicts the triumphs and pitfalls of the adolescent experience. It bridges the gap on ideas surrounding, sex, puberty, virginity, and sexual orientation. This coming of age show takes a nose dive into the swirling minds of sexually driven teenagers. Otis “the sex therapist” and his friends team up to provide sex advice to the school to help them navigate uncomfortable sexual situations to make them feel normal.

3. The Circle

Is a Netflix Original that has made a huge splash as the new modern-day reality show. Think of it as Big Brother meets Instagram meets Catfish. This show is highly addicting with new episodes releasing every week. Contestants battle to be the most liked and highest-ranked player to become an “Influencer” to have the ability to vote people out of the Circle. Lie, build friendships, backstab, form alliances…all to win $100,000.