4 Signals That Someone Doesn’t Like You

#4. They don’t tell you their problems.

Alberto García 🚀🚀🚀
The Writers Fight Club


Photo by Mohammad Faruque on Unsplash

The biggest problem with life is that it’s a masked ball.

And you always need to find out who is behind the mask.

Sometimes what you think is an enemy is an ally.

And others… the one you consider your best friend, is a mean, envious, and ruthless enemy, waiting for his chance to betray you and take your place.

Here are four signs that I have compiled throughout my life to detect them.

1. They never disapprove of you

But don’t be fooled, they only do it because you have something they want (everyone has an ego).

To these people you’re not a friend, you’re a resource to exploit.

That’s why when you say something uncomfortable, they treat you as if you had called customer service from your telephone operator instead of arguing with you.

They will try to reduce anger, modulate their voice, and speak slowly. They will even make you believe that you are the one who lost your temper. And they are the ones who put up with your bad mood because they are your real friends.

That’s a lie!