Shocking Things You Don’t Find Out Until You’re Past 40

Life will never look the same again.

Alberto García 🚀🚀🚀
The Writers Fight Club


Photo by Korie Cull on Unsplash

Imagine you work cleaning public toilets in a megacity like Tokyo.

Imagine you are over 40 and live alone, an analog life, using wired telephones, and listening to music on cassette tapes.

Imagine that everyone looks down on you with contempt, but you don’t give a damn, and yet you still have a smile on your face.

That is the central character’s life in the multi-award-winning film “Perfect Days.”

A character who embodies a modern Buddha, who avoids the madness and anxiety of this wild world by finding beauty in the little things of everyday life.

It is a film that I would never have understood in my twenties. Because there are shocking things that you only discover when you reach a certain age.

Here, I share a couple of others things I discovered in my forties.

1. If you get used to a mediocre life, that’s what you will have.

When you spend your life struggling, you get used to it.

You get used to asking for little, settling for little, and getting little.