4 Different Types of Writing for Hobbyists

Starting any of these will change your life



There’s no one type of writer and we’ve all got different skills, so why haven’t you started writing today?

My background is in Maths and I was dreadful at writing in school, so much so that I actively avoided writing for almost a decade because of the pressure I felt. I didn’t even realise that for me, writing was first going to become a hobby, and even then to become something I actively monetised.

For those who’ve stumbled across this article, I encourage you to look at your own skills, how you feel, and maybe even the list below. Every day, writing helps me express myself in a different way to which I’m used to and not only is it therapeutic, it can also make a huge dent in the bills I pay!

You never know, you actually


Blogging is such a huge industry because it resonates deep within people.

We all want to be heard, and deep down, a lot of us want to spread a message. Be it a blog about our hobbies, or even a blog about freelance writing jobs — writing a blog is a good way to convey information.

The key thing to understand though is that there’s two elements which need separating. Writing about what you care about is very different to writing about what people want to read. You may need to alter what you write to get readers — and that’s totally OK.

It’s up to you to write, and unfortunately, get readers as well. Platforms like Medium make it easier to do both, knowing how to get readers goes a long way.

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Advertising and Marketing

Growth/Marketing/Advertising are huge industries — and they seriously make or break a company. I’m absolutely certain that even if you invented unlimited energy, or wrote the next Harry Potter novels, without good branding/support and a decent approach, the project is doomed to failure.

Copywriting involves being able to tell a story in the format of the chosen requirement: so be it a tweet, or a title, or a slogan: a copywriter has to be able to convey information as seamlessly as possible.

Jobs in this field are aplenty, are often remote and can pay extremely well. Subscribe to our mailing list to find out more!


Why not? Fun fact, my dad is probably the best unpublished poet I’ve read but he still refuses to write!

Poetry competitions are in abundance, and we feature plenty of them in our newsletter (so the art isn’t dead just yet), but if you want to let your creative side out but aren’t sure how — start by writing a few words!

This resource is great for knowing where to post poetry but in reality, there’s no reason you can’t start today. So do!

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People don’t write letters enough, and it should really stage a comeback. It’s hard to imagine that we only wrote to each other not long ago, but now, everyone is just a text or an email away.

Writing is a beautiful art because once you start, you’ll struggle to stop. There’s something infinitely better when you write by hand compared to a computer, and often it’s much more raw. That raw/true emotion has depths that surpass anything written, and it’s something I’d encourage you to try!

The above are 4 quick types of writing, each of which is perfect for you to start with. Writing is a fantastic/therapeutic hobby that really resonates with creative people. Lucky for us, we’re in a time that we can also monetise it!

If you have any questions, let us know and we’ll be back with you soon!



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