Is it an untold story if I can’t tell it.

Day 33: untold story number 4!

Stories I want to tell.

This morning I worked from home with the “partner/colleague/co-founder/friend” and I had family dinner to look forward to. Technically that meant no strangers today.

As I was debating whether to go talk to someone random down the road – I looked through the window at the scene across my house. And I saw a scene I have been seeing for the past year.

Faces building a house. And I can’t tell the story of these hardworking house builders.

We live across from each other – but we inhabit completely different worlds. We look on at each other’s lives – I stare as they do incredibly scary things (like climb size zero scaffolding), they stare as drive in and out of my house. We share the same weather – I enjoy the rain hidden in my roof they celebrate it with loud voices.

And I can claim there are several reasons why I can’t go ask them my random set of stupid questions and get a glimpse at their opinions.

But if I’m being honest there’s only one – I am scared of them. It’s the most legitimate kind of illegitimate fear.

They have done NOTHING to make me fearful, there have been no threatening looks, no catcalls, no power play… yes you can tell me to get over myself and go across the road and talk to them.

But when you’ve been groped right outside your door it leaves a scar, and for me this is the price – I can’t tell stories I’m dying to tell.

For Today. Tomorrow I might find a way.