Stop labelling Adele. Please.

Day 43. A Friday. An irksome story.

The schedule this week has been quite chock-o-block. The sad truth is this – without the luxury of time, there is luxury of thought and without the luxury of thought there is no reason to be annoyed.

And I am a firm believer in being annoyed.

My justification? Annoyance is the first step towards change.

So I thought long and hard (for the past 15 minutes) and this is the only thing annoying me today…

Stop labelling Adele the queen of sad songs!

This is the description of Apple music has for an Adele playlist

“She can wrench a tear from a drill sergeant. Keep a tissue handy.”

But today I sat and listened to one of her songs on repeat for four hours – and it kept me pumped enough to keep writing for those four hours. This therefore is my request.

Dear Label,

Whoever you are “queen of the ballads” or “drill sergeant” or “intelligent” or “dumb blonde” or “arm candy” or “freelancer” ….. please stop existing.

Cause you’re quite wrong.

Also, people can stop saying things like Adele makes you miss guys who don’t exist. She can do a lot more than that – she can get lazy people to meet deadlines.

Sincerely yours,

An annoyed soul with time in her hands.

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