The East Wind Is Coming.

Day 20. A Wednesday. A classroom story.

The most random introduction to International Security with a reference to Sherlock (the BBC version).

Here are my two observations:

To me International Security is the study of war. It’s a study to understand the roots of conflicts and hopefully interfere before it reaches the worst case scenario.

This though is not the sole view of war in this academic discipline. War is considered part of statecraft! I however, tend to agree with Quincy Wright who said, “war is a malfunction of the international system”.

Since this field has come to be an established academic discipline (the 1920s) there have been several significant events that have propelled the disciplined further… None of them have been pleasant.

1. The First World War

2. The Second World War

3. The Cold War & it’s nonsense

a. The arms race

b. NATO & WARSAW pact

c. Vietnam war

d. You know the deal

4. Gulf war 1

5. 9/11

6. War on terror

And here’s my thing. There’s another East wind coming!

It’s going to be more destructive and it’s coming from the east (literally)