The meat of the matter

I’m sticking to Wednesday’s being about International Security. And if I’m staying true to the prescribed syllabus, last week we completed unit 1.

Today, therefore is about the meat of International Security – conflicts! I believe the easiest way to truly understand something is to understand it in terms of its opposite.

If we’re speaking in purely technical terms the antonym of conflict would be cooperation.

But today has been a day of opposites and so I can’t resist the temptation of comparing conflict to the stress of shopping.

When you know what you want you can’t have it (cause they won’t have your size) and when you don’t know what you want they will thousands of ugly options. Pretty self explanatory as to how this relates to conflicts, right? (If the answer is no just wait a week)

As opposed to having the strong silent presence keeping you company, from shop to shop, from dreary mood to dreary mood. Ensuring that at the end of the day all you’re left remembering is the easy peaceful feeling.

And that is the opposite of conflict.

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