The worst feeling ever

Day 23. A Saturday. A nostalgic story.

I get excited every time I see a mongoose and recently I figured out why. It’s because of a story that was read to me when I was four/five.

It’s a Panchatantra story about the loyal mongoose — a farmer couple have a baby and adopt a “tiny little mongoose so it would grow up as a pet for their son”

One day the mother leaves her baby alone with the mongoose and when she returns she finds the mongoose’s paws and mouth red with blood.

She freaks out assuming the mongoose has killed her baby she drops the basket she’s carrying on the mongoose as she runs to check on her baby.

There she finds her baby fast asleep and a snake lying dead below the cradle — she realises what had happened. She goes back to the mongoose only to find that the basket had killed the mongoose.

I guess the lesson you’re supposed to learn from this story is to never act in haste and never assume things. The lesson that has stuck with me though is this

Nothing hurts like regret.