This is NOT a rant; its a reaction.

Day 2. This irked me today.

The most attention arresting email I read all of yesterday had the subject line “India Safety Update”. It was from the good folk at Uber. (Yes, I read all the promo emails I receive, I empathise with the writer at the other end.)

I read it however and felt a familiar reaction — somewhere between my chest and my belly button. Though its a familiar reaction I still struggle to put it into words. Simply put, its a whole range of emotions.

Its gripping fear, its insane anger, its immense frustration, its the need to scream and grit my teeth, its even a sigh of relief that I still feel — that I haven’t grown indifferent to my “unsafe” world.

To those of you rolling your eyes, disappointed that I’m using medium to make a mountain out of a mail. Don’t! This isn’t a rant, its a reaction put into words with no expectations of anyone who reads it. (How sad that I have to justify it even to myself.)

I am truly glad for Uber and all its competitors in India. They make my world easier, free-er and even safer. But this is where that familiar feeling was leading my thoughts…

If only technology could find a way to translate my NO to mean a NO.

You can ask me for my number but if I say No — hear it. You can have my number and start a conversation but if I say No — understand it. You can try to flirt but If I say No — respect it.

And don’t you dare interpret my silence for a yes.