Today I hate Medium.

Day 50. A Friday. An irksome story.

Everyone has those days – the rainy lazy days. When you squander one half of the day watching cute boys love confident girls and the other half window shopping with a friend.

But not everyone has decided to proclaim their writing goals on two public platforms that so far have been annoyingly supportive and encouraging!

Why couldn’t have you just been mean to me and said unkind things and mocked me – I would most probably have packed my bags. Maybe?

I’m quite the happy mover-oner (Noun: some one who moves on from things not necessarily from people), but this time I really don’t want to quit.

For those of you just tuning in today: backstory

Fifty days ago a rare event happened – courage and productivity collided leading me publicly commit to write something everyday. Stupid courage even got me to use my Instagram account to stay accountable.

Today, I want to go back in time to exactly fifty days ago and squander that day with movies that teach you to value your time.

For those of you who’ve been here from day 1: Further backstory.

Six years ago – I was inspired by a friend to quit social media. I think I had two grandiose reasons: one the obvious it was a time sucker. Two it gave you the illusion of being in touch, of being in a room, of being something.

Today, I want to go back and tell the six times more naive version of myself that you can’t make decisions for a lifetime. Also, that it really is okay to waste time.

Medium, coming back to you, here’s the reason I hate you – you’re slowly taking away the title I have held dear for awhile now that of being a successful of mover-oner.

Finally, here’s a cheesy line for you,

mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you, not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.

If you know the name of the movie that line is from (without google) – make my day! Add the name of the movie to your response to this post.

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