When I Have a Few Drinks…

I often write notes to myself. Sometimes via email, sometimes Evernote. Many times they are in a flurry of three or four separate emails at a time spread out over a couple hours. They are sometimes coherent, sometimes pure gibberish.

These notes are often forgotten and then revisited weeks, months, even years later. Without the context of what I was doing, thinking, seeing, hearing, my location, or who I was with, they can sometimes range from rather light-hearted & hilarious to irrational & depressing.

Sometimes they are pseudo-intellectual self-help type stuff like this gem. Apparently I LOVE exclamation points points after having a few.

Subject: Seth….
Message: Never take anything…. Anything!!!!…. For granted. Even the most wonderful things can evaporate overnight man. Live!!!

Sometimes they are pick-me-ups on nights where I feel down. Alcohol is a depressant, who knew? I’m guessing someone wasn’t nice to me.

Subject: Rules for Life
Message: You are worth a damn! Don’t let people because of age, experience, money, etc… let you feel like a child or subservient. You don’t need everyone’s acceptance and appreciation!

Sometimes I’m trying to help myself out with a good tip, but leave out the most important part. This isn’t exactly useful.

Subject: Never talk to that guy again
Message: What an asshole

Sometimes they are completely incoherent. Umm, thanks for the reminder? I’ll get right on that.

Subject: (empty)
Message: don’t forgot the text nxt week and Mike … he knows it

Sometimes I think I’m trying to entertain myself.

Subject: Ego trips galore tonight…
Message: Some people really think they are the main character in the movie. The A list celebrity everyone desperately wants to be around. In reality, they are “Man at Bar” or “Woman with Umbrella”. They are the extra who keeps interrupting the scene.

And oh lordy, the startup ideas. The dumb, dumb, dumb drunken startup ideas. Not sure how I didn’t wake up the next day and start trying to turn these gems into “unicorns”.

Subject: Future of liking something
Message: NFC chip embedded in wrist that u scan it and it logs u into facebook/foursquare and likes the place u are scanning it at so u can get free food and stuff.
Subject: (empty)
Message: Make plush toys out of tech founders and sell on etsy.
Subject: (empty)
Message: Urinal game that actually is played inside real bathroom. Above each urinal is a red or green light. Depending on where someone is standing, it instructs you on which urinal to go to. In front of each person is a screen that tells them if they did it right or not. Plus it runs funny trivia and ads while they stand there.
Subject: (empty)
Message: An app that tells you something amazing at 7am until 730am and then permanently deletes. If you don’t wake to read it, you lose it forever.

There is no way I am the only person who does this. I would love to hear what you email yourself!

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