Dear Writer, Get Down off Your Damn Soapbox And Relate

All the experts in the house are asked to step outside

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My writing experiment today is to start typing without a clear topic and see where the flow leads me. The last time I did, I was able to produce an entire story in under ten minutes that turned out to be not bad at all. So let’s see what happens — hopefully, there will be some success without me getting on my soapbox or rambling without a clear goal or end in sight.

What does it mean to get on one’s soapbox anyway? According to Wikipedia, in the past, a soapbox was literally used to stand on when a person wished to make a speech and needed to elevate himself to attract the desired audience.

Nowadays, we use the term to refer to someone who considers himself an expert on a particular topic and uses his gift — or otherwise, of speech to forcefully present himself to an audience, and getting on one’s soapbox suggests a know-it-all. The person is not encouraging a conversation but expounding on a given topic, disallowing any comments or interactions from the audience. He or she expects rapt attention with a hint of awe.

I mount my soapbox at times especially on issues that I am passionate about. I use my blog post to dominate a conversation where I am the speaker and the reader is the listener — devouring my words while nodding in agreement. Oh, how rarefied is the air at the top of my box!

Many times as I dig into my fifth paragraph, just warming up, something stops me and reminds me that I am having a conversation with the reader. I am speaking with them and not at them. So I slow down, adjust my tone, gingerly step down from my box and kindly ask, “so what you do want to talk about today?

Hint, Hint.

I. Trudie Palmer
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