Dear Writer, It Is Really Not As Random as You Think

…the process of having a story curated

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I know, I know — another story about curation; another person, feeling like she broke the code and have some secret to share. You have read them all and have gleaned nothing from most of them. Perhaps this one will be different, perhaps not, but give it a go, and then swear that this will be the last story you read on this topic.
I look at my stories that get curated and I look at those that are passed over. I study them, trying to figure it out. It is my one secret passion on this platform — looking for the why. I love mysteries and I enjoy solving them. It tickles me.

So, as I was saying, I have been examining my stories for any trends that might be apparent and I found three that could be of interest to persons still looking to get their first piece curated, or for persons aiming to increase their curation rate.

I am going to share them here, in a listicle — heaven help me! I am writing a listicle. I hope that I am not burnt at the stake for blatant hypocrisy — I do not enjoy reading listicles and I have said it more than once. So here goes, and if it's any consolation, there are only three.

We are starting on the same agreed page that the stories meet publication rules and guidelines and being a writer on medium, I am sure you know them like the back of your hand by now. So, here we go….

1. Look for patterns
There are patterns to this thing. At least I see them popping up in my experience. The first one is that almost nothing posted on Saturday or Sunday gets curated. There is the random one or two but for the most part, the algorithm rests on those days — perhaps its Sabbath? I have had stories posted on Sunday that get curated but interestingly they have always been under the family or relationship tags. Take note.

The next pattern to look for is the day of posting. For me, Monday is a good day to share stories. It may be because most persons do not post pieces on Mondays so there is less to choose from. I have found that if I post four pieces on a Monday, at least three get curated. Then the rest of the week, there are selections here and there but Monday is a big day. I know I might read in the comment, that does not happen to me, well…….ok.

Another pattern to look for is the time of posting. I find that stories that are posted in the wee hours of my morning get curated — as if the algorithm is looking for stories to share for the day and to provide something fresh for these early morning readers. My early morning reader may be different from yours. But try it, whatever your early morning is, post a story then and see what happens, I am talking like 3 am, 4 am your time.

2. Narrow down the Publications you use
This is the second observation I made and I have written about it before. Share your stories in publications whose main focus is similar to your story. I cannot say it often enough. Perhaps one day you would believe me. Poems for poetry publications. Writing tips for writing pubs. Satire and humour for pubs that specialize in that genre. The algorithm monitors these publications, looking for stories to feed into the various topics. So for me, if I write a piece that is esoteric, mystical, or spiritual, I share it in Mystic Minds; if I write a poetic piece, I share it in one of my favourite publications that cater to poetry and for pieces like these, I share them here. You would not find them anywhere else. And it has been working for me.

3. Group your tags
The final in the… ugh… list is the grouping of tags so that they all relate in some way to a particular topic. For example for poems, I use all five of my tags and relate them to poetry; and for writing, I use tags that are closely related to writing. I would not use tags that are as opposite as night and day unless I want to confuse the algorithm. You can even create your own tags, hoping that one day, the code will pick them up and curate your stories. If you enjoy being that trendsetter, well go right ahead. And another thing, use all of the available tags allowed. Use all five.

These are the observations that I have made so far on this chosen for further distribution phenomena. I hope you found them useful and that this story was worth your time. I am yet to figure out where these stories go. Maybe another piece for another post.

I consider my curation rate to be fairly high — around 50% for the past six months or so, so this gives what I am sharing here, a little veracity and also, I post quite often — people who follow me get annoyed, I’m sure.

So dear writer, take it or leave it, try it or not, but if you wish to increase your curation rate, then you have nothing to lose.

Hint, hint

I. Trudie Palmer
One Love




We are just finding out what this writing thing is all about

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I write on what pleases me, most times offering one dose of upfulness in each story. https://esotericgardenskn.com| https://ko-fi.com/ilistrudiepalmerauthorkn

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