Dear Writer, You Really Do Not Have to Write for Every Publication That Accepts You as A Writer

Choose carefully, find the right home for your work

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I made the mistake of trying to find out how many publications were on Medium as of June 2021 and that was one rabbit hole I entered. It was like Alice in Wonderland looking for her glass slipper. I could not get a straight answer nor even a set of numbers that were close enough to get a fair average.

Smedian reported as many as 13'000 plus, and went on to list the top 50 publications. I tend to exaggerate for effect but that 13’000 number appears to have some merit to it. I kid you not. Writers looking for places to publish would be topping up their inkwells at the possibilities. What an array to choose from!

This story builds on one I shared earlier where I spoke about being careful in selecting the publication that is the best fit for your piece…poetry for poetry publications and creative writing pieces for those that cater for that type of written art.

My point today is that you do not have to publish in every publication that adds you as a writer. There are some that do not even wait for you to ask to be added as a writer — they like your work and they just add you. It can be quite flattering, but then again, it can cause you to lose focus and you end up dipping from publication to publication like a social butterfly. Granted, you may be searching for the best fit and nothing is wrong with that but when you have found the lock to your key, please stop.

There is one main advantage in doing this

Medium has now started sharing related posts at the bottom of their stories and this is a masterstroke for persons who regularly post in the same publication. No longer do you have to share the ‘if you like this, then you may like these’ at the bottom of your story because Medium does it for you.

Once you would have written stories for a publication before, it would share the links to those and other related stories that can be found in the same publication. Slam dunk for Medium!

So let’s say you have decided that The Writing Experiment is one of the homes for you. You enjoy writing pieces on writing and you have submitted a few stories that have done well; all you have to do is to keep on sharing stories in that publication and watch your small portfolio grow and grow.

I did not realize what was happening until I saw persons commenting on recent pieces I had written and then soon after clap or comment on a piece that would have been written weeks ago. I went digging and found the source.

So why not give this a try? Let Medium help you to make your writing experience all the more pleasant by having your past stories easily discoverable.


I. Trudie Palmer
One Love

Author’s note:-
Look below, I am sure you will see one or two stories I would have written in the past. It works!



We are just finding out what this writing thing is all about

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